Who we are?


With corporate social responsibility, in July 2012, after a rigorous analysis of the market and a year of hard work, born in the city of Baradero, along National route No. 9 only 28 Km away from the company headquarters in San Pedro and 150 km from Bs. As., our drumming and Storage Facility.

Covered by an area of over 600 square meters has a filling capacity of 2200MT per month of syrups, oils, among others, whose main purpose lies in meeting the need for a sustainable service for the producer/ client national and international, covering an unmet demand in the market.

We offer a complete service, from the analysis and market research, including drum filling on the different packages used in the industry, to logistics and follow-up of the entire supply chain operation, to systematize the process, in order to provide simplicity and accomplishment to our customers.

Working in order to achieve leadership, offering complete fulfillment and satisfaction to the producers, who rely on our drumming and packaging service, ensuring a network marketing system and customers worldwide, especially in Latin America, will open the horizons, facilitating the input of the products to a more comprehensive market.

The fundamental values ​​that guide the daily actions of the company,
  • ✔ Trust in our customers
  • ✔ Bet for investment and new markets
  • ✔ Technology
  • ✔ Quality of human resources
  • ✔ Humanism and solidarity
  • ✔ Products of the highest quality