Our facilities approved by official agencies and appropriate governmental organizations, allows us to provide the following services:

Drumming service of different liquid products such as glucose, maltose, oils, fructose, lecithin, among others, considering the flexibility to respond to market demands, in terms of containers either capacity or materials:
  • ✔ New Plastic Drum – at different capabilities.
  • ✔ New ​​ Steel Drums – at different capabilities. Internal sanitary plastic bag option available
  • ✔ Recycled Steel Drums, open mouth with internal sanitary plastic bag - at different capabilities.
  • ✔ Cardboard Octabins with internal sanitary plastic bag - at different capabilities.
  • ✔ Jerrycans and Buckets - at different capabilities.
  • ✔ Iso Tank - Food Quality.
  • ✔ Flexi Tank - Food Quality.

With a covered area of 600m2, provides customers a storage service, not just those who used the drumming service, but also to third parties who need to have a warehouse to storage their products.

Added to drumming and storage, customers can access to a distribution and logistics service.

The storage facility is approved by Argentinian custom as a primary zone, which allows us to offer export service.

Summarizing, we can offer all the services that the small, medium and large companies needs to develop, bring out and position their products in each market successfully.